James Jean × Peace and After 'Fetch'


James Jean × Peace and After 'Fetch' image 02 James Jean × Peace and After 'Fetch' image 03
James Jean × Peace and After 'Fetch' image 04


28cm x 16cm x 21cm

180,000 yen +tax

Edition Size 250


Edition number and signature engraved on the base. Signed certificate of authenticity is included.


この作品は、主人公が角の生えた新しい仲間と共に並んでいる姿を特徴としています。 投げられた物を取ってくる遊び、フェッチ・ゲームで回収された折れた角は、主人公の手に握らせることも、胸に挿すこともできます。

Fetch is a new "lucid" sculpture in translucent resin from painter and multi-disciplinary artist, James Jean.
This sculpture set features his signature protagonist standing alongside a new antlered companion.
A broken antler, retrieved from an especially adventurous game of fetch, can either be held in the hand of the protagonist or impaled in his chest.
Through the translucent resin, the antler can be seen resting in the chest cavity, a lasting mark from a game well played.

Drawing Entry Period

3/18(Mon) 12:00 JPT ~ 3/22(Fri) 12:00 JPT



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